The Classic Collection features heavy-wire double offset coil combined with Wrapped Coil, Nano Coils, Latex, Wool, the Chattam Edge and Chattam Quilt. 



The Latex Collection features a wrapped coil system with Latex, Wool, the Chattam Edge and the Chattam Quilt with GOTS certified fabric.


We build with meticulous precision and expert craftsmanship. We are committed to creating product with the highest quality raw materials, natural fibers and building techniques to provide comfort and support for a better night's rest.  However, even an exceptionally, handcrafted mattress won’t come out of the box perfectly conformed to your body. As with any finely made product, your new Chattam & Wells will take time to settle in.

For tips on how to get the best our of your Chattam & Wells Sleep Solution follow the link below.